The most important resource located on Ahtna lands are the plants and wildlife that support the customary and traditional lifestyle of our Shareholders. Other natural resources located on Ahtna lands are minerals, timber, oil, gas, coal and areas with potential for geothermal-energy production.

As a privately owned Native corporation, all surface and subsurface resources are owned by Ahtna’s Shareholders.

Please contact the Ahtna Land Department at (907) 822-3476 or PO Box 649 Glennallen, AK 99588.

Ahtna drilled an exploratory gas well in 2016 on state lands adjacent to Ahtna lands. The results of the well are currently being analyzed. The Gulkana Village Council, in partnership with Ahtna, is in the planning stages of a bulk-pellet mill to provide an affordable alternative to heating oil. Ahtna has also installed several meteorological towers on Ahtna lands and is looking into possible wind- and solar-produced electricity to supplement the seasonally produced electricity at the Allison Creek Hydro Project.