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Ahtna Vocational Scholarship

The Ahtna Vocational Scholarship Program funds Ahtna shareholders to assist in meeting their educational goals. Funding for the Ahtna Vocational Scholarship is provided by Ahtna, Inc., as established in 2020.

The priority of the Ahtna Vocational Scholarship is to support direct educational expenses.

Submission Requirements

  1. Complete online application form – must be submitted prior to training start date; and,
  2. Submit Supplemental Information prior to training start date, as described below.
    • Official proof of enrollment and registration, detailing program schedule, and tuition amount.
    • Reason Statement (for first-time Applicants only) – A one-page statement where the Applicant shares their and their family’s history with Ahtna, and their future goals supporting Ahtna’s Corporation, People, and Region.


  • To become a Scholarship Recipient, individuals must be:
    1. An Ahtna, Inc. shareholder who holds at least 10 voting shares (Original, Inherited, Gifted, Class L); and,
    2. Accepted to a Vocational Program.