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Shareholder Enrichment

Ahtna’s Shareholder Enrichment Program is committed to enhancing the overall well-being of Ahtna shareholders through sustained growth as part of Ahtna’s mission.

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GET READY! We are here to support you in your career goals, whatever they may be. All you have to do is take the first step and call the Shareholder Enrichment team at 907-822-3476 (Glennallenn) or 907-868-8250 (Anchorage). View the video to see where Ahtna can take you.

The primary goal of Shareholder Enrichment is to maximize shareholder potential by developing, and engaging shareholders as they pursue meaningful career and life goals. We work diligently with Ahtna subsidiaries and management to provide opportunities for shareholders, increase shareholder hire, and develop programs to advance shareholders in their careers.

Ahtna currently has several initiatives designed to help accomplish our primary goal. These initiatives include:

The Shareholder Enrichment team works closely and effectively with shareholders in assisting and counseling them to become better prepared and qualified for career opportunities.

We also provide the following support services to shareholders, their spouses and descendants:

Career Counseling & Development

  • Resumes
    • Ahtna has contracted with several companies to assist you in the resume writing process.
    • Send your resume for review before applying for a job.
    • Send your resume to Shareholder Enrichment to save for you in the future.
  • Interview Skills
    • Interview tips and practice.
    • Ahtna conducts behavioral interviews which are more common with most companies.

Funding for Higher Education, College & Vocational

The Walter Charley Memorial Scholarship is provided exclusively to Ahtna shareholders and available to full or part-time college-level students. For more information about the scholarship and how to apply/qualify, please click here.

Call the Shareholder Enrichment team to assist you in your scholarship search at 907-868-8250.

Follow our Facebook page for upcoming scholarships.

Funding for Training

Call the Shareholder Enrichment team to assist you in searching for trainings or vocational opportunities at 907-868-8250.

Follow our Facebook page for upcoming trainings.

Gainful Employment

Not sure how to start? Give Shareholder Enrichment a call and talk about your ideas of places to apply to.

Education Opportunities