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Direct Deposit

Fast. Secure. Convenient. Sign up for direct deposit today!

Shareholders are encouraged to use direct deposit, the fastest, safest and most reliable method to receive dividends. By choosing direct deposit, shareholders receive funds directly to their bank account a week or more earlier than by mailed check. Risk of lost or stolen check is also eliminated (there is a 90-day wait for lost check reissues), and signing up is easy and convenient.

  • In order to avoid complications and delays, it is imperative that shareholders keep their account information up to date. A new application needs to be completed and returned to Shareholder Records when a shareholder changes banks or accounts.
  • When a shareholder reaches the age of 18 their bank information is automatically removed. If you have reached the age of 18 since the last distribution, please apply for direct deposit before the distribution deadline.

Use this form to authorize direct deposit of any Ahtna dividends. You may also use it to change or cancel an account being used for direct deposit. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.