As an Alaska Native Regional Corporation, Ahtna understands its inherent responsibility to take care of current and future generations of Ahtna shareholders, based on the values and principles laid down by past generations.

We protect and preserve Athabascan culture and values by providing financially for our shareholders and our communities, promoting cultural gatherings and supporting the preservation of cultural resources, bringing shareholders together to discuss issues of importance to the Ahtna people, and supporting organizations and endeavors that benefit Native people across Alaska.

We are a shareholder driven company at all levels, with the principal goal of all department & subsidiary operations being the benefit of current shareholders and future generations.

This means providing meaningful opportunities and culturally significant benefits to our shareholders. It also means we are not focused solely on profitability, but also the provision of vital shareholder services that includes cultural preservation, land protection and stewardship, as well as economic opportunities for our people. Through these benefits, Ahtna ensures that our shareholders will not merely survive into the future – but thrive.

View our 2018 Shareholder Benefits to learn more.

Benefits Details

Shareholder Services and Programs

  • Shareholder Dividends
  • Elder Dividends
  • Settlement Trust
  • Establishment of Class L Stock
  • Ahtna Culture Camp & Village Camps
  • Memorial Fund
  • Contributions & Support to the Combined Efforts of Alaska Native Corporations & Organizations that benefit all Alaska Natives
  • Contributions to Village Churches & Village Organizations
  • Graduate Recognition Benefit Program
  • Elders Benefits Program
  • Kanas Communications Publications
  • Regional Community Support
  • The Ahtna Heritage Foundation
  • Walter Charley Memorial Scholarship Program
  • Youth & Elders Conference

Shareholder Development Programs

  • Individual Shareholder Development Plans
  • College Internship Program
  • Organizational Development Programs
  • Shareholder Development Department
  • Shareholder Hire Preference
  • Shareholder Outreach Activities
  • Shareholder Talent Bank Program
  • Temporary Employee Program
  • Workforce Development Fund

Land and Resource Management

  • Merged Village Programs
  • Resource Development
  • Commercial Land Use Program (Lease, Permit, Easement)
  • Individual Use Permit Program
  • Shareholder Resource Program
  • Shareholder Assistance Program
  • Sand & Gravel Permits
  • Firewood Harvesting
  • House Log Harvesting
  • Property Assistance (survey monument location & marking)
  • Land Title Research, Land Document Preparation & Mapping
  • Customary & Traditional (Subsistence) Preservation
  • Land Protection