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Board of Directors

Ahtna, Inc. (Ahtna) operates under the direction of a thirteen-member board. All board members are Ahtna shareholders and are voted in by fellow shareholders at the annual meeting. Board members come from a variety of backgrounds and bring many key strengths and professional and personal experiences to Ahtna. They reflect the unity of the Ahtna region and people, and make balanced and informed decisions that are in alignment with the mission and vision of the corporation and the best interests of current and future Ahtna shareholders.

Ken Johns

Ken Johns Udzisyu (Caribou) Chair, Seat G1: Kluti-Kaah (2023)

Karen Linnell Naltsiine (Sky) Vice-Chair, Seat-A: At-Large (2024)

Cecil Sanford

Cecil Sanford Naltsiine (Sky) Secretary, Seat H: Mentasta Lake (2024) Ahtna Netiye’ Executive Committee Member

Linda Pete Udzisyu (Caribou) Treasurer, Seat F: Gakona (2022)

Nicholas Jackson Udzisyu (Caribou) Director, Seat A: At-Large (2023)
Ahtna Netiye’ Executive Committee Chair

Lucille Lincoln Naltsiine (Sky) Director, Seat G2: Kluti-Kaah (2024)

Susan Taylor Udzisyu (Caribou) Director, Seat A: At-Large (2022)

Clint Marshall Udzisyu (Caribou) Director, Seat J: Tazlina (2023)
Ahtna Netiye’ Executive Committee Treasurer

Genevieve John

Genevieve John Tsisyu (Paint) Director, Seat A: At Large (2024)
Ahtna Netiye’ Executive Committee Secretary

Jessica Denny ‘Ałts’e’tnaey (One Way People) Director, Seat D: Cheesh’na (2022)

Close up of traditional Alaska native bead work with an ivory carved feather bead.

Grant Rebne Udzisyu (Caribou) Director, Seat C: Cantwell (2023) Ahtna Netiye’ Executive Committee Member

Jason B. Hart Naltsiine (Sky) Director, Seat A: At-Large (2022)

John Dye

John Dye Tsisyu (Paint) Director, Seat I: Gulkana (2024)
Ahtna Netiye’ Executive Committee Vice Chair

Close up of traditional Alaska native bead work.