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Services & Forms

Shareholders are encouraged to register for the MyAhtna shareholder portal at  The MyAhtna portal allows shareholders the convenience of making certain record changes online, such as updating mailing addresses and other contact information, viewing payment information, printing dividend confirmations, viewing information about the shares owned, viewing and printing tax information and RSVPing for events.

The following forms can be downloaded and printed or you can request that copies be mailed to you by sending an email to or calling (907) 822-3476.

Affidavit of Loss

Use this form to request a new stock certificate to replace any lost, destroyed or mutilated stock certificates.

Change of Address

You can now update your address using the shareholder portal at instead of submitting the following form. Use this form to update Ahtna on any change to your address or name. Legal changes only; proof must be provided.

Class L Stock Application

Use this form to apply to become a Class L shareholder of Ahtna. You will need to meet certain requirements in order to be eligible.

*Note: If you are a Class L shareholder who was enrolled as a minor and received only 30 Class L shares, you do not need to submit a new application to receive your remaining 70 shares. If you are over 18 years old and have received your high school diploma, GED or equivalent, send proof of your graduation/completion (such as a copy of your diploma) to Shareholder Services so they can issue your remaining shares to you. Class L stock is managed under a separate program from Graduate Gift requests and requires its own proof of graduation for shares to be issued.

Designation of Custodian for Minor Shareholder

Use this form to designate a custodian who will be responsible for Ahtna shares belonging to a minor (under 18 years old) who has received them through inheritance, gifting or Class L enrollment.

Disclaimer of Inheritance

Use this form to renounce your interest in any Ahtna shares you may be entitled to inherit.

Dividend Direct Deposit Form

Use this form to authorize direct deposit of any Ahtna dividends. You may also use it to change or cancel an account being used for direct deposit. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Gift of Stock

Use this form if you have Ahtna shares (other than Class L) you would like to gift to your descendant or sibling. You will need to submit the following:

  • Gift of Stock Form
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Original Certificate of Indian Blood
  • Copy of Social Security Card
Graduate Information Form

Use this form to apply for a congratulatory gift provided by Ahtna to its shareholder graduates. Requirements for the gift include:

  • Must be a shareholder
  • Must be receiving a high school diploma/certificate of attendance/certificate of completion, GED, or Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate degree
  • Must submit all documents as required within one (1) year following graduation or receipt of degree, diploma, or certificate. Required documents include graduate information form, w9 form (#14 on list, see below), and copy of diploma or degree*

Approved applicants will be officially recognized at the Annual Meeting; however, gifts will be tendered upon receipt of all necessary documents, at the discretion of management.

*Note: Graduate Gift requests are managed under a separate program from Class L stock and require their own proof of graduation.

Merger Land Use Program

The Merger Land Use Program (MLUP) allows for property leases of up to five (5) acres to eligible merged village shareholders. The MLUP Policies and Procedures can be downloaded here.

Below are four things that you will need to start to complete the application process:

1. Determine how many former Village Corporation shares you own; you must own at least 20 shares to qualify for an MLUP lease. If you don’t know, please contact the Shareholder Services Department at (907) 822-3476 or

2. After you determine the number of Village shares you own, the Ahtna Land Department can assist you with maps of lands that are available for selection.

3. Complete the Ahtna MLUP Application. If you’re not certain of what lands you would like to select leave the “Description of Land Applied For” section blank.

4. Complete the Ahtna Testamentary Disposition. If you have questions about the Testamentary Disposition, please contact the Shareholder Services Department at (907) 822-3476 or

After you complete and submit the forms, it will generally take approximately 6 -12 months to receive the property lease.

Memorial Fund

Ahtna provides a Memorial Fund in the amount of $8,000 to help defray expenses for the death of an Ahtna shareholder or family member. Assistance is also available, upon request, for preparing a funeral or memorial program, including design, printing, and folding.

For more information, please contact the Shareholder Services Department directly at (907) 822-3476 or

Stock Transfer – Minor

Use this form if you are the custodian of a minor who is entitled to shares that belonged to a deceased Ahtna shareholder.

Stock Transfer – Adult

Use this form if you are an heir who is entitled to shares that belonged to a deceased Ahtna shareholder.

Testamentary Disposition-Multiple Classes

Use this form to describe how you wish to distribute your Ahtna shares in the event of your death. You may direct shares back to the corporation or to other eligible persons or entities.

W-9 Form

If filling out our graduate information form to receive our congratulatory graduate gift, please fill this form out as well and include as part of your packet. We may also request that you complete this form in conjunction with our other shareholder forms.