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Philanthropy & Giving


  • Requests cannot be more than $5,000
  • Smaller requests under $500 are encouraged and given priority.


  • Ahtna especially supports non-profit organizations in the Ahtna region that address quality of life issues, culture, environmental stewardship, safety, and education.
  • All requests must be in writing and will be reviewed by the Ahtna Philanthropy Committee. Requesters are encouraged to incorporate the Ahtna corporate values of Respect, Unity, Safety, Quality, and Integrity in their proposal and explain how funding will advance those principles.

Ahtna Does Not Fund

  • Requests over $5,000;
  • Requests from individuals or families;
  • Political organizations or activities;
  • Organizations located outside the State of Alaska or that do not have an Alaska-based chapter;
  • Endowment requests, but for those exemptions approved by the Board of Directors; or
  • Any other requests that are determined by the Philanthropy Committee to conflict with the Philanthropy and Giving Policy or Ahtna Inc.’s vision and corporate values.

Review Process

  • Quarterly submission deadlines are March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31. If any of the deadlines fall on a weekend, the deadline will be the preceding Friday.
  • The decision of the Philanthropy Committee is final and cannot be appealed. The Philanthropy Committee will respond to all requests in writing, whether or not they are selected for funding.

Online Request

If a request is funded, the entity receiving the request must sign a release and waiver, permitting Ahtna to advertise the donation request, document the donation through photography or other means, and publish the documentation (e.g., publish photographs in the Ahtna Kanas newsletter).

Please be sure to review the guidelines, eligibility, and review process above.

  • For example, what the funds will be used for, are additional funding sources being sought, any in-kind contributions, etc.
  • Complete this field if the request is for a long-term project.