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Security & Investigative Services

Ahtna provides a full range of specialized security, investigation, intelligence, and consulting services for customers worldwide. Our expertise includes performing background and security investigations; armed and unarmed security; and designing, installing, and managing security and force protection systems. We work with our customers to determine the appropriate level of protection, understanding that each client’s situation is unique and dynamic.


  • Background Investigations
  • Court Services
  • Detention Services
  • Guard (armed & unarmed) & Patrol Services
  • Rescue, Para-medical & Emergency Management Services
  • Security Systems & Technology Applications
  • Threat Assessment
  • Training & Simulation
  • TSA Passenger & Baggage Screening

Featured Projects

Our Companies

  • Ahtna Facility Services, Inc.
  • Ahtna Government Services Corporation
  • Ahtna Professional Services, Inc.
  • Ahtna Support & Training Services, LLC

Ahtna Facility Services, Inc.

Ahtna Facility Services, Incorporated (AFSI) offers full-service environmental consulting and remediation, integrated facilities operations and maintenance, military family housing maintenance, logistics, armed and unarmed security, grounds maintenance, and healthcare aseptic janitorial services. As a firm specializing in military, government and commercial contracts, AFSI’s professional staff is dedicated to successfully meeting each customer’s mission requirements. This attention to customer needs, as well as the company’s dedication to quality, efficiency and effectiveness, has allowed AFSI to become an industry leader. AFSI is a graduate of the SBA 8(a) program.

Brenda Rebne

110 W 38th Avenue, Suite 200E
Anchorage, AK 99503
Office: (907) 868-8261
Fax: (907) 868-8217

Ahtna Government Services Corporation

For more than 20 years, Ahtna Government Services Corporation (AGSC) has maintained a strong presence as a full-service, self-performing contractor with experience across the U.S. and in over 30 countries. AGSC’s highly qualified project managers, engineers and scientists are long-time experts in civil infrastructure, vertical construction, earthworks, environmental remediation, SWPPP/ BMP services, communications-tower renovation, design-build, demolition, marine construction, operations and maintenance, building renovation, and homeland security. Since its inception in 1999 and graduation from the SBA 8(a) program in 2008, AGSC has consistently delivered high-quality construction services to its clients. The company has grown and developed as one of the industry’s most trusted and respected small business contractors, serving federal, public agencies and private companies. AGSC is classified as a Small Disadvantaged Business and certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) through the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

Craig O’Rourke

3100 Beacon Blvd.
West Sacramento, CA 95691
Office: (916) 372-2000
Fax: (916) 372-9401

Ahtna Professional Services, Inc.

Ahtna Professional Services, Inc. is a certified 8(a) company that provides security, investigation, intelligence and consulting services for federal, state and local governments, as well as commercial and private sector clients. APSI provides specialized security, firefighting, rescue, para-medical and emergency management services. In addition, we provide facility maintenance, custodial and base operations management.

Texas Security License Number: B24047301

Brenda Rebne

110 W 38th Avenue, Suite 200F
Anchorage, AK 99503
Office: (907) 868-8261
Fax: (907) 868-8217

Ahtna Support & Training Services, LLC

Ahtna Support and Training Services, LLC (AhtnaSTS), is focused on simulations and training support, instruction, planning and operations support, logistics, weapon system/platform lifecycle support, detention and food services, and warehouse operations and maintenance. AhtnaSTS earned its reputation as an industry leader through a combination of cutting-edge technology, a qualified and professional workforce, superior work management systems and procedures, and performance metrics and process improvements. AhtnaSTS has extensive knowledge of military training range operations, to include traditional and automated/digital environments, MOUTs and shoot houses, and targetry operations and maintenance. Training aids, devices, simulators, and simulations (TADSS) expertise includes nearly all MILES variants, as well as several weapons, vehicle, and communications systems, to include system design and up to depot-level maintenance. AhtnaSTS headquarters are located in Anchorage, Alaska, and are supplemented with program management, business development, and project-site offices across the country, allowing AhtnaSTS to quickly react to requirements throughout the U.S., the Pacific Rim and emerging markets to the east. AhtnaSTS is a graduated 8(a) company, originally organized in 2005.

Jason McCart

110 W 38th Avenue, Suite 200D
Anchorage, AK 99503

27991 Buena Vista Blvd.
Los Fresnos, Texas 78566

Office: (907) 334-6477
Fax: (907) 334-6750

Private Security Board License: C19599
Training School License:  F01346