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Thousands of years ago, the Ahtna Athabascan people built a home in a harsh Alaska environment. For generations, they survived and thrived through teamwork, hard work, community, loyalty and integrity.

Today, people who are traditionally hunters and fishermen own a family of exceptional companies that design and implement complex projects, build extraordinary facilities, and provide services for many of our local, state, and federal agencies. They do it through teamwork, hard work, community, loyalty and integrity.

We are a modern corporation guided by traditional values – values that define our corporation and the way we do business.

Industry Sectors

Ahtna is dedicated to providing value to its more than 2,000 shareholders. The corporation participates in over six diverse industry sectors. For additional information, please contact Roy Tansy, Jr. at rtansy@ahtna.net.

Construction and Environmental

Facilities Management


Government Contracting

Professional/Support Services and Real Estate

Oil and Gas

Please see our Ethics Code and Compliance Program.