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Ahtna, Inc. Directors Select Clint Marshall to Fill Board Seat

The Ahtna, Inc. Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of Clint Marshall as a new board member. Marshall is filling Seat J, Tazlina on Ahtna, Inc.’s 13-member board. Pursuant to the Ahtna bylaws, the Board of Directors selected Marshall at a meeting held on Tuesday, February 15, 2022. Marshall will serve the remainder of the Seat J term that ends in 2023.

Seat J became vacant last December upon the passing of longtime board member Dorothy Shinn. Shinn was a member of Ahtna’s initial Board of Directors and a powerful advocate for Ahtna youth, education and passing on and teaching the Ahtna culture. For many years, she organized student recognition dinners at the end of each school year and was always one of the first to volunteer to help fundraise for those in need. We dearly miss her warmth and strong leadership.

Marshall is a member of the Udzisyu (Caribou) Clan. He has four children and resides in his childhood home of Tazlina with his wife Katherine. Marshall is the grandson of the late Robert Marshall, Ahtna’s first president, and the late Mae Marshall, and the son of the late Elmer Marshall, a former Ahtna, Inc. board member, and Vicki Bukovick.

Marshall served for 26 years as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC), where he earned his commercial pilot’s certificate and became a naval aviator. He currently serves as a lead pilot for L3Harris Technologies. Marshall has participated on numerous councils and boards, including the USMC Commanding Officer Advisory Board and Aircraft Mishap Board. Marshall earned a Bachelor of Science in general studies with a concentration in history from Campbell University, graduating magna cum laude. He is passionate about education and the sustainment of culture, land and customary and traditional ways for the Ahtna people. Marshall participated in the Copper River Watershed Project as a strong voice for customary and traditional fishing rights.     

Marshall stated, “Ahtna, Incorporated is without question a center of gravity, a voice, and an important resource for the Ahtna people. I am proud to be a voice from Tazlina Village and a part of the team that steers Ahtna towards great success for generations to come.”