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Ahtna Spuds Exploration Well on the Tolsona Prospect

Exploration well Tolsona No. 1

Glennallen, Alaska – Tolsona Oil & Gas Exploration LLC, an Ahtna, Inc. subsidiary, is pleased to announce it has commenced drilling of exploration well Tolsona No. 1. The well is located just north of Milepost 175 of the Glenn Highway and about 11.5 miles west of Glennallen, Alaska. The main drill bit began drilling today to the target depth of approximately 4,000 feet which is expected to take 26 days.

The drilling program is searching for natural gas in the Copper River Basin. Resource development interest in the basin dates back to the 1950’s and over 500-miles of geophysical surveys have been conducted and 11 wildcat wells previously drilled. Past explorers encountered high pressure water zones, but Ahtna has put in place measures to help mitigate such issues including drilling with a smaller pilot to approximately 1,100 feet before setting the first concrete castings.

“The 40-miles of 2D seismic exploration that we performed in 2014 showed positive data and we are fortunate to have been able to learn from the experiences of those that have previously explored the area. It has allowed us to be proactive in putting plans and contingencies in place with the efficiency of the operation and safety of staff in mind,” says Ahtna President Michelle Anderson. “We have some exceptional talent working on this project and it’s inspiring to see the progression of the drilling program,” she adds.