Ahtna stock ownership also comes with other important responsibilities

Published April 2019

Keeping stock-record information current

Ahtna maintains complete stock records for all Ahtna shareholders. Because the Ahtna stock records are the basis of determining who is entitled to receive dividends and to vote at meetings of shareholders, it is extremely important that the records are kept accurately. Shareholders may have only one address of record, and it is essential that the address of record is kept up-to-date at all times. Shareholders cannot receive shareholder materials and letters from Ahtna if their addresses are not kept current. From time to time, Ahtna communicates with the shareholders, and it is important that correspondence, reports, newsletters and distributions reach each shareholder in a timely manner.

Also kept on file are copies of any legal documents filed with Ahtna for official record-change purposes and a copy of the shareholder’s stock certificate(s), which states the disposition of that stock in accordance with the wishes of the shareholder for inheritance purposes. It is very important that each shareholder keep a current address and correct name on file with Ahtna.

It is each shareholder’s responsibility to maintain complete and accurate shareholder records by promptly advising Ahtna of:

  • Address changes
  • Name changes
  • Stock Will changes
  • Direct deposit changes
  • Power of attorney changes
  • Guardian/conservator or custodian changes

Copies of the most frequently used forms can be found on the Ahtna website, and shareholders with MyAhtna portal accounts are able to make certain record changes online.

MyAhtna shareholder portal

Ahtna’s shareholder portal, MyAhtna, is a free, online resource available to all eligible Ahtna shareholders. MyAhtna allows shareholders the convenience of performing certain tasks and making certain record changes online. Options available in MyAhtna include updating mailing addresses and other contact information, viewing payment information, printing dividend confirmations, viewing information about the shares owned and viewing and printing tax information. The portal can be accessed through a secure link on the Ahtna website or by visiting MyAhtna.com.

Maintaining a valid, up-to-date testamentary disposition – Who will inherit your shares?

Ahtna’s Shareholder Services department is responsible for settling deceased-shareholder estates, and a testamentary disposition form provides clear and concise guidelines to determine the heirs of your Ahtna shares. Please note there is a different process for gifting shares when a shareholder is still living. A testamentary is not a complete personal will but directs us on your wishes for your Ahtna shares. It is extremely important for shareholders to prepare and have a valid testamentary on file with Ahtna. Without it, your shares may go to someone other than your choosing. The testamentary disposition form will also allow you to appoint a representative to handle any Potlatch Fund donations you are eligible for from Ahtna after your passing.

When a shareholder passes on and he/she does not have a testamentary on file with Ahtna, the transfer of shares becomes more complicated and could take months, or even years, delaying what should be a relatively quick and simple process. We know it isn’t easy thinking about these things; however, a testamentary protects you by allowing you to determine who inherits your shares if something were to happen to you. Preparing for this makes the process much smoother and faster for your family.

Signing up for direct deposit

Ahtna offers direct deposit of dividends for its shareholders. Having your dividend direct deposited safeguards against misplaced, lost or stolen dividend checks and helps shareholders receive dividends faster. When a shareholder participates in the direct-deposit program, there is no need to wait until the check arrives in the mail and no need to make a trip to the bank. Instead, funds are electronically transmitted to the shareholder’s bank account on the designated distribution date. Direct-deposit-authorization forms are available on Ahtna’s website or can be obtained at the Glennallen or Anchorage offices or by contacting the Shareholder Services department directly. It is also important to keep your direct-deposit information current with Ahtna to avoid rejected payments.