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Ahtna Subsidiary Acquires North Slope Pad Space

Satellite view of North Slope pad space

Anchorage, Alaska – Ahtna Petrochemical Products, LLC, a subsidiary of Ahtna Netiye’, LLC, has acquired 23 acres of North Slope pad space to support operational and logistical needs of the oil and gas industry in Alaska. The pad was formerly owned by the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA), a state agency, and is available for leasing. The pad footprint is strategically located less than five miles from the Deadhorse airport with 15 acres of gravel and ideal space for a laydown yard or equipment, rig, or camp storage.

About Ahtna Netiye’, LLC

Ahtna Netiye’, LLC is the business holding company for Ahtna, Incorporated. Netiye’ is an Ahtna Athabascan word that means “our strength.” Ahtna Netiye’ manages and oversees the business operations of Ahtna’s subsidiaries, providing strategic direction and corporate structure stability aimed at long-term growth and success.

“We have a strong and vested interest in ongoing oil and gas production in the state. Ahtna Construction laid the first section of pipe on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System which passes through 197 miles of Ahtna’s traditional lands and 55 miles of Ahtna-owned lands. We believe in the positive impact of the Alaska North Slope renaissance and are working with producers and service providers to sustain the North Slope for future generations of Ahtna shareholders.”

Ahtna Netiye’ chief operations officer Roy Tansy, Jr.