Annual meeting 2019: Shareholder Hires

Published July 2019

Set-Up and Tear-DownThank you to the Annual Meeting shareholder crew members for their help this year! A reminder, if you are a youth and wish to work next year during the annual meeting, you need a Photo ID (such as a Driver’s License or State-issued ID) and a second piece of identification like a Social Security card, birth certificate or Native Tribal document. If you have a US Passport, that’s the only form of identification needed.

Youth Servers:
Holli Nollner
Ryan Rock Albert
Kristin Ewan Dye
Ronald Lincoln-Ewan
Amiah Kroto
Markus Johns
Dastzeni Tibbits
Kambriya Ewan
Tiana Cozzen

Rachael Ewan
Clarice McConkey
Jeremy Stevens

Kayla Pete
Jesse Turner
Lorna David

Set-Up and Tear-Down:
Joel Hicks
Robyn George
Trey McConkey
Nathaniel Linnell
Darren Billum
Josette Johns
Michael Voyles