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Brooklyn to Alaska Leadership Program



The application deadline is Sunday, March 24, 2024. Applicants will receive an interview request to be conducted that week via Zoom or Teams. Selections to be made April 1, 2024.

Through teamwork, self-reliance, and courage, each youth learns to hike and climb a 30 mile long and 1,000-foot-thick glacier.  Camp is set up at the summit of a mountain. The peer lead group then embarks on a four-day rafting trip on the wild Chitina river.  While visiting an Alaskan homesteader, the participants learn how he lives a sustainable life off the land.  They explore old mines, swim in glacial waters, meet grizzlies (yes, grizzly bears), and share unforgettable experiences.

Brooklyn to Alaska leadership Project is providing a pathway for diverse youth to create transformative, life-defining experiences in the rugged wilderness of Alaska while forging deep and lasting connections with the outdoors and each other.

Brooklyn to Alaska leadership Project’s vision is that the inequities in outdoor recreation will only change if there is a significant investment in equipping these young people to become wilderness leaders with the skills and experience they need to be the next generation of guides and adventurers.

The tentative length of the trip is seven days/six nights with a departure date of Wednesday, June 26.


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