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Ahtna Kanas Fall 2020

2020-2021 Ahtna Tene Nene’ Community Subsistence Hunt for Caribou

Salvage Requirement for 2020-2021 CSH Caribou

  • CSH Hunters must salvage caribou heart, liver, kidneys, and fat, as well as all edible meat from the forequarters, hindquarters, ribs, neck, and backbone meat of the forequarters, hindquarters, ribs, brisket, neck, and back bone.
  • Caribou meat of the forequarters, hindquarters, ribs, brisket, neck, and back bone must remain naturally attached to the bone until delivered to the place where it is processed for human consumption.

Permits for 2020-2021 CSH Caribou

  • If community members who are age 18+ years did not provide a hunting license on their CSH caribou application, they will have to pick up caribou permits at Glennallen or Palmer Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G) Office.
  • Please call ADF&G Office in Glennallen, AK at (907) 822-3461 or ADF&G Office in Palmer, AK at (907) 746-3600 with questions concerning caribou permits.

2020-2021 CSH Caribou Guidelines

  • Please call the ADF&G hotline at (907) 822-6789 to get an update on the quota for the 2020-2021 CSH Caribou hunt.
  • CSH caribou harvest permits must be carried in the field while hunting, and must be validated immediately upon killing an animal and before leaving the kill site, and must remain in the hunter’s possession until the animal has been delivered to the location of processing for human consumption.
  • An Ahtna Tene Nene’ community member can be on the Failure to Report (FTR) List and still be counted as a community member, but he or she will not be allowed to participate in hunting activities.
  • No Ahtna Tene Nene’ community member in the 2020-2021 CSH Caribou hunt can hold any state drawing permits, Tier I, Tier II, Registration caribou hunts, general season caribou harvest tickets, or federal caribou permits outside of the CSH hunt area.
  • No Ahtna Tene Nene’ community member of the CSH Participant household participating in the CSH caribou hunt can hold any state or federal drawing/Tier I/Tier II/registration moose permits outside the CSH hunt area.
  • Unit 13 Bull Nelchina Caribou quota is up to 400. Caribou season dates are from August 10th to September 20th.
  • If ADF&G does not call for an Emergency Order Closure in Game Management Unit 13, caribou winter hunt will be open from October 21st to March 31st.
  • ADF&G will issue one Copper Basin Unit 13 CSH Nelchina caribou permit to each household member.
  • GMU 13 Nelchina Caribou bag limit is only 1 caribou per household.
  • Successful hunters must report within 3 days of harvesting a caribou. You may report online at,
    by calling (907) 822-3461, or by mailing in a 2020-2021 caribou permit to the ADF&G.
  • If community members are unsuccessful in harvesting a caribou, caribou permits must be filled out and retuned to ADF&G within 15 days after caribou hunting season ends.
  • Caribou meat, organs, moose hide, and moose stomach, may be dropped off at the Ahtna, Inc. Glennallen Office during business hours of Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Ahtna Tene Nene’ community members may have a Designated Hunter, however, the CSH Permittee is still responsible for returning the caribou harvest report to ADF&G Office.
  • Both Ahtna Tene Nene’ community member and Designated Hunter must be signed up in the Ahtna Tene Nene’ Community Subsistence Hunt Harvest Permit Program.
  • Ahtna Tene Nene’ Hunters must abide by all applicable state hunting regulations and requirements, including licensing, hunter education, CSH eligibility, reporting, and hunt conditions.

2020-2021 CSH Moose and Caribou Household Report

  • ADF&G will email a 2020-2021 CSH household moose and caribou report form to community member households.
  • You may also fill out 2020-2021 CSH household Moose and Caribou report online at
  • 2020-2021 CSH household moose and caribou report is voluntary.
  • Ahtna Tene Nene’ community members are encouraged to fill out the caribou and moose report. This information will help the Alaska Board of Game make decisions on subsistence hunts, C&T determinations, amounts necessary for subsistence, and rural and non-rural determinations.
  • Ahtna Tene Nene’ coordinator is required to return 2020-2021 CSH moose and caribou household reports to ADF&G office.
  • Please return 2020-2021 CSH household reports for moose and caribou to Ms. Stickwan at:

    Ahtna Inc.
    P.O. Box 649
    Glennallen, Alaska 99588


    Email Household moose and caribou report to: