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Ahtna Kanas Winter 2020

2020 Census

Alaska Native People Count 2020 Census

Did you know that the nation’s 2020 Decennial Census will begin right here in Alaska in January, and continue through April? It’s critical that Alaska Natives are counted. When Alaska Natives are undercounted, tribal programs receive fewer federal funds.

The Bureau will ask two questions as part of its count of Alaska Natives. The first question asks each household member to write in their ‘race.’

If a respondent self-identifies as being racially ‘American Indian or Alaska Native,’ he or she will be asked to answer a follow-up question.
That second question asks the household member to write in their ‘tribal affiliation.’

Due to Alaska’s unique history of land claims and tribal recognition, Alaska Natives could answer the ‘tribal affiliation’ question different ways.

You are encouraged to write in your federally recognized tribe.

The federally-recognized tribes in the Ahtna region are:

  • Cantwell
  • Cheesh-na
  • Chitina
  • Kluti-Kaah (aka Copper Center)
  • Gakona
  • Gulkana
  • Mentasta
  • Tazlina

Please help ensure a complete—and accurate—count of all Alaskans in the 2020 Census. For more information please visit