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Ahtna Kanas Spring 2023

Ahtna Netiye’ Announces Roy Tansy Jr. as Chief Executive Officer

Ahtna Netiye’, LLC is pleased to announce the promotion of Roy Tansy, Jr. to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as of February 19. In this role, Roy is responsible for providing strategic leadership for Ahtna, Incorporated’s operating subsidiaries. Roy is a longtime advocate of Ahtna’s mission of responsible economic growth for future generations of Ahtna people. He has held positions with the Ahtna family of companies dating back 30 years, most recently serving as Ahtna Netiye’s Chief Operating Officer.

Roy succeeds Tom Maloney, who is retiring after eight years of service to the company and a diverse 45-year career. Tom is the ex-officio CEO during the transition.

An Ahtna shareholder, Roy is originally from the Ahtna village of Cantwell and a member of the Caribou (Udzisyu) clan. He brings over 20 years of executive-level experience in operations, business development, strategic planning, and corporate leadership. His professional background has included management of construction, oil and gas, facilities management, and security companies. Roy currently sits on the boards of the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Alaska Chamber of Commerce.