Birch bark texture.

Ahtna Kanas Summer 2022

Ahtna Plants: Upcoming Plants to Harvest

Lat’uudze’, Labrador Tea – Favored by the Elders. Add to fire when smoking moose for color and smell, mix with other herbs for tea, or use as a spice. Use cautiously as it has laxative properties.

Tsanłtsaey gigi, Highbush Cranberries – Can make jelly and juices. Juice can be used for colds and sore throat – mix with sugar to make a cough syrup or gummies. Favored use is to make C’encaes by simmering with sugar and a thickener like corn starch or flour and removing seeds if possible.

Xay gigi, Lowbush Cranberries – Harvest in the late fall, usually close to winter, and in an emergency in the winter under the snow. Can make C’encaes. Eating raw berries will help with a sore throat and cold. Can be used in any recipe that calls for cranberries. Can make homemade cranberry sauce.

Tsaas, Indian Potato – Best to be dug in the spring, but can be picked in the late fall. Important food of the Ahtna people.

Gig Gheli, Blueberries – Favorite food of all ages. Can be made into jellies, juice, muffins, breads and pancakes. Some Elders say just eat it plain, it doesn’t need all that other stuff mixed with it. Can be made into C’encaes.

Daht’enc’ogge, Raspberries – Can be cooked and made into jellies and juice.

Giznae, Crowberry (blackberry) – Can be eaten fresh or dried with moose fat. Can be made into juice and is a good filler berry when short on other berries for a recipe.