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Ahtna Kanas Spring 2022

Career Advancement Opportunities Found in CDL Training

Katrina Moran

Getting a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) can open a world of employment opportunities and is not limited to truck driving. An abundance of job positions require a CDL. You need one if you want to work as a school bus driver, city bus driver, tour bus driver, hazmat carrier, ice road driver, or sanitation worker. It’s smart to get CDL training if you’re planning on a career as a heavy equipment operator. Many heavy equipment operator jobs require the applicant to be skilled at operating multiple types of vehicles, including ones that require a CDL. If you are interested in pursuing your CDL, funding may be available through Ahtna’s Vocational Scholarship Program. Reach out to Shareholder Enrichment for details.

Please join us in congratulating the following shareholders who recently obtained their CDL or Operators Certification!

Dexter ReedyAlaska Driving Academy
Gabriel JonesNorthern Industrial Training
Paula NicklieAssociated Training Services
Federico JohnsNorthern Industrial Training
Michael VoylesWest Coast Training
James KingAlaska Driving Academy
Katrina MoranAlaska Driving Academy
Russell YatesAlaska Driving Academy

“I recommend Alaska Driving Academy and the Ahtna Vocational Scholarship to all shareholders. A huge thank you to Ahtna for the support.”
-Russell Yates