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Ahtna Kanas Summer 2021

CRNA Welcomes Angela Vermillion as New CEO

The Copper River Native Association (CRNA) Board of Directors announced in April that Ahtna shareholder Angela Vermillion will lead CRNA into the future as the new CEO. CRNA held a day of celebration as they recognized the accomplishments of the past and looked forward to continuing the tradition of caring for the region under Mrs. Vermillion’s leadership. Mrs. Vermillion is an experienced leader who has served many years as a tribal administrator and as a Board member of Ahtna, Incorporated and CRNA. She was raised in Gulkana Village and is a graduate of Glennallen High School. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and a Master of Business Administration from Alaska Pacific University.

Mrs. Vermillion’s parents are Nicholas and Lorraine Jackson. Her grandparents are the late Tony and Mary Jackson and the late Traditional Chief Ben and Hazel Neeley. She has been married to her husband Frank for 25 years and they have two teenagers.

It has been Mrs. Vermillion’s goal since high school to graduate from college and return home to help her people. CRNA says they are excited for the vision she brings and the possibilities on the organization’s horizon. Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Vermillion on her new role!