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Ahtna Kanas Spring 2020

Dennis Brownley Joins AHTNA GLOBAL and Further Expands Geographic Reach


Dennis Brownley

Ahtna Global is pleased to announce the addition of Dennis Brownley, PE, as our new Great Plains Regional Director. This geographic area consists of all the central states, from Texas up to the Canadian border. The primary goals for this region are building a solid and continuing customer base for Ahtna; adding significant revenues and profits; adding quality staff as additional resources; and performing quality work. Ahtna currently has US Air Force (USAF) and US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) contracts and work in the region, and we will initially focus on significant growth with these customers, while always looking to expand our customer base with competitive procurements and direct awards.

Dennis has more than 45 years of experience as an operations manager, program manager, and business development manager.
During that time, he has managed over $1.8 billion dollars of obligated funds for USAF and Department of Energy (DOE)
installations. Dennis has managed the environmental restoration and remediation activities at over 3,500 Department of Defense (DoD) and DOE sites contaminated with hazardous and mixed wastes. He has led the resolution of engineering and environmental issues, including restoration, remediation, design, construction, hazardous waste, air quality, water quality, NEPA, compliance, and pollution prevention.

Prior to joining Ahtna, Dennis served for 21 years in the USAF as a Base Bioenvironmental Engineer at four installations worldwide.
After his military service, he performed as an engineering and environmental program manager and local/area office manager
for six commercial architecture/engineering firms, where he managed numerous major engineering and environmental programs
and operations, including large, fixed price contracts. As you can see, Dennis’ credentials are impressive, and we are lucky to have
someone with his background joining the team.

Dennis is based in San Antonio, Texas and in his personal time, he’s an avid hunter/outdoor enthusiast and a scratch golfer. Welcome to Team Ahtna, Dennis!