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Ahtna Kanas Winter 2022

Faye Ewan: The Importance of Salmon

Article Excerpt from The Arctic Athabaskan Council. To Read the Full Article Visit:

Faye Ewan comes from Kluti-Kaah village – a region of Alaska that her family has lived in since time memorial. She comes from the Caribou tribe, which is a clan and matriarch system. In an interview, Faye Ewan speaks about the importance of salmon for her people. The history of the Ahtna is closely linked to the history of salmon.

“We have so many different kinds of fish in Alaska, we have so many different kinds of animals, all has been affected in many, many ways through climate change. One thing I know about the salmon, too, it really has changed with the climate. The climate has really changed, the river temperature has changed.” – Faye Ewan

Thank you, Faye, for representing the Ahtna people on this important topic that is relevant today and for the future.