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Ahtna Kanas Fall 2016

Now Starring in ‘Deadliest Catch’

Photo of Sean Dunlap holding a King Crab and smiling at the camera

Early in Sean Dunlap’s life, he remembers his friends telling stories of the lucrative crabbing life – the lifestyle, challenges, environment and even the thrill of danger peaked Sean’s interest in becoming a crab-boat fisherman.

Ahtna shareholder-owner Sean left Anchorage at age 16 and moved to Washington state. For more than 30 years now, Sean has embraced the exciting but dangerous crabbing life. What’s more is that he and his crew have recently been regularly featured on Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch.”

Sean’s boat, the Saga, is a 1978, 107-foot bender crab boat built out of Mobile, AL. Like most other crabbers, Sean goes out to sea for extended amounts of time during the season – sometimes up to three months at a time.

“It’s hard work, but I love it!” Sean says.

Sean says he loves being on deck, preferring to sweat and work it out with his brothers than to sit in the stuffy wheelhouse. Despite his affection for fishing, he considers it the ultimate love-hate relationship: “When I’m out there, I hate it. But when I’m home, I miss it. It calls to me.”

When asked how it feels to be a part of a popular T.V. series he says, “It’s an honor to be able to show off all our hard work to the world.”

Sean is back at it again for the 2016 king crab season and the start of season 13 of “Deadliest Catch.” See if you can spot him.