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Ahtna Kanas Summer 2022

Protecting Ahtna’s Land and Resources

The primary goal of the Land & Resources Department is to protect and responsibly develop land and resources for the benefit of Ahtna shareholders. Protection of Ahtna’s lands and resources is done in partnership with state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Natural Resource Technicians, or NRTs, are tasked with patrolling and protecting Ahtna lands from trespass and disposal of waste, junk vehicles, garbage and hazardous materials. NRTs also monitor hunting and fishing activities, unauthorized removal of resources, and theft or damage to cultural and historical sites. In 2021, Ahtna NRTs, Trespass Enforcement, and seasonal staff completed 461 rounds of trespass patrol covering 26,159 miles on and around Ahtna land.

Use of Ahtna lands without a permit is considered trespass under Alaska law. The majority of the land under Ahtna, Inc. ownership is on the state road system or accessible by water, which often leads to unauthorized trespass entry by members of the general public.

If you see something, say something.

Please do your part to keep Ahtna lands and the public safe by reporting issues such as trespass, vandalism, theft, and illegal burning, dumping, hunting, trapping, and fishing. It is important to note the date, time, location, and descriptions of the people and vehicles involved. Photographs are also extremely helpful.

For emergencies that require immediate attention, please call 911. For non-emergency issues you can reach the Alaska State Troopers at (907) 822-3263 in Glennallen or (907) 768-2202 in Cantwell. Issues should also be reported to the Ahtna, Inc. Land & Resources Department in Glennallen at (907) 822-3476.