Birch bark texture.

Ahtna Kanas Winter 2022

Recent STAR Level 1 Award recipient:

Left to Right: Jim Fowler / ACPPC Site Supervisor, Doug Wigand / Laborer Foreman, James Howard / Operator, Rico Salinas-Johns / Operator Foreman
Not pictured: Michael McCart / Field HSE Specialist


ACPPC PLMP 781 crew members took the initiative and did the right thing. They identified unsafe conditions in a trench that a utility company had excavated on our project site to complete repairs to their fiber optic cable. The utility company crew had excavated and left an open trench along the Trans Alaska Pipeline System right-of-way, with straight walls (not sloped), in rainy conditions, with the spoils pile immediately adjacent to the trench, and without any barricades, warning signs, etc. The ACPPC PLMP 781 crew mitigated the hazards by sloping the trench walls, moving the spoils pile back to at least 2’ from the edge, and installing candlesticks and caution tape.

Implementing these safety processes resulted in compliant and safe work conditions; reduced the potential for serious injury; increased employee awareness; and provided safety assistance to the utility contractor, the public recreating in the area, and our client, Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. For proactively responding to these hazardous site conditions, the PLMP 781 crew members received a STAR Level 1 Award.