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Ahtna Kanas Winter 2022

Shareholder Employee Announcement

Charissa O’Connor

Please join us in welcoming shareholders Marissa Morlock, receptionist, and Charissa O’Connor, administrative assistant, to Ahtna’s Anchorage office. Marissa and Charissa agreed that they were motivated to work for the company by their desire to help shareholders by fulfilling Ahtna’s mission, vision and values.

Charissa is a member of the Dik’aagiyu (Fireweed) Clan on her grandmother Mary Bell (John) of Northway’s side. Her mother is Valda Tyone Akpik, and her father is Kenneth Walker Sr. Her grandparents are the late Andrew and Mary Tyone and James and Irene Walker. Charissa is a familiar face around the Anchorage office as she has worked for Ahtna, Inc. as an on-call clerical for five years. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Charissa enjoys hunting, fishing, berry picking, hiking, beading, cooking, cleaning, gardening, reading and watching movies. She has three wonderful children: Selena, William and Andrea Walker.

Marissa Morlock

Marissa is the daughter of Audrey Morlock and the granddaughter of Arnold and Lucille Lincoln of Kluti-Kaah. She has eight years of customer service experience and is excited to help Ahtna grow. Marissa enjoys getting outside in the sunshine with her two children, Elim and Lawanna.

Management recommends getting on Ahtna’s on-call list to get your foot in the door for the front desk and other positions, as opportunities come up throughout the year. To be added to the on-call list, simply email or call our Shareholder Enrichment staff: 907-822-3476 (Glennallen), 907-868-8250 (Anchorage) or