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Colton Prince
Colton Prince

98.5 Music Alaska Radio

14-year-old Colton Prince (Joe) is the proud owner of his own online radio station. The Native-owned station broadcasts from Anchorage, Alaska to the world via UK-based Radio King and plays music from the 70s until now. Tune in to hear Colton bring you the best of classic rock, rock, pop, country, and heavy metal and put in requests via email for songs you want to hear! Colton’s dad has been a source of inspiration for him when it comes to music. Growing up, his dad would always be playing something on Amazon Music on their many road trips – and it’s shaped the way he appreciates music today. You can support Colton’s station by tuning in or making an optional donation.

Colton is the son of Brian Joe and Marlene Prince-Joe and the grandson of Wilbur and Marilyn Joe of Copper Center. He lives in Anchorage, but is currently homeschooled as a freshman at Upstream Learning through the Copper River School District (CRSD). Colton is earning straight A’s and his radio gig earns him Parent Designed Course credits through CRSD. He also enjoys playing football and basketball in his free time.

Owner: Colton Prince (Joe)