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Ahtna Kanas Spring 2023

Shareholder Spotlight: Tamera Ginn, AI Corporate SHEP Manager

After four seasons as an HSE Specialist with AC&PCC, we are excited to announce that shareholder Tamera Ginn has been promoted to AI Corporate SHEP Manager! In this article, she discusses her role with AC&PPC, but we look forward to updating you on her new role in the future.

Tamera’s responsibilities with AC&PPC included monitoring site safety and keeping contractors in compliance with state, company and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. She is a vested laborer out of the Laborers Union Local 341, has worked for Alyeska Pipeline subcontractors since 2015, and has been in the safety industry for the past five years. Tamera recently obtained her Associate Safety Professional (ASP) certification through the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, which was paid for by Ahtna under the HOPE (Helping Our People Excel) program. She plans to begin pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Occupational Health & Safety this spring through Columbia Southern University. Tamera enjoys field work and being out in the elements, looking out for the health and safety of our personnel in the field, and traveling, camping, fishing, and family time on her off time.

Can you describe a recent project you have worked on for AC&PPC?

The 2022 project season was one for the books. We had four projects kick off at the beginning of the season, all of which needed attention to detail, permitting, walk-downs, and project-specific items to ensure a smooth transition into the field.
AC&PPC had acquired a new Alyeska survey contract at the beginning of the year as well, which required a lot of training to get our survey team up to speed with Ahtna’s mode of operation.

This season I worked the Southern region (Valdez), with our primary focus on mainline integrity investigations, which include pipe exposure, pipe testing, and site restorations. The purpose of this project was to investigate and confirm the integrity of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) as routinely monitored by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company (Alyeska) Risk and Integrity Management (RIM) and to maintain compliance with Federal Grant Right-of-Way and State Right-of-Way Lease stipulations.

Additional projects completed prior to the Southern digs included the completion of the H122 project, which entailed the installation of Cathodic Protection on Thompson Pass at PLMP 764, and upgrading the Lowe River Bridge to ensure safe transit for contractors accessing the 781 dig.

What is your favorite part of your work?

My favorite aspect of this job is field work. Being able to work out in the elements and enjoy the diversity Alaska has to offer, from Prudhoe Bay down to the Port of Valdez, is a real treat. I also have the pleasure of getting to know new people, looking out for the health and safety of our team and fellow contractors, and enjoy the constant travel and chance to explore new places. It really makes the job worthwhile!

What do you enjoy most about working in Fairbanks?

I live in Anchorage, but enjoy being able to travel to and work out of Fairbanks for many reasons. We work long hours outdoors and Fairbanks never fails when it comes to hot and sunny days, beautiful sites, and great people and work atmosphere. The beginning of the season is always super-charged, with folks ready to get back to work and kickoff the season.

How much do you work in the office, versus out in the field on projects?

The beginning of the project season is always far more labor-intensive and requires a lot of office work. From plan writing, environmental permitting, training, record retention, correspondence with the client, roll-out meetings, contingency plans, etc., a lot of time is spent in the office in preparation. Once you hit the field and the dust settles is when the magic happens. Conducting safety meetings, continual site assessments, and working closely with craft is key to ensuring the health and safety of personnel. With that comes extensive time in the field, which is always a welcome change to being in the office.

Can you describe what a typical day out in the field looks like?

The day always begins with a safety meeting where personnel discuss the upcoming scope and hazards associated with the day’s work. This also entails reviewing the IMPACT report, which dives into hazards recognition, losses and near losses for the prior day along TAPS. Next, we submit a daily snapshot of HSE activities for the day and then head out into the field for site evaluation. The key to success is to ensure a continual on-site presence to assess, identify and mitigate potential hazards or issues as they are encountered. This ensures operations are running smoothly and we remain in compliance with HSE standards set forth by OSHA, Alyeska and AC&PPC. Should issues arise, we work closely with operations to identify and implement sound solutions moving forward.

Do you have any advice for shareholders interested in the safety, health and environmental field?

I highly recommend getting into the safety field. Not only is it lucrative, but also a very important aspect of any job, which is keeping our folks safe and healthy so they can continue to take care of their families at home and our Corporation as a whole. Networking, traveling, and the camaraderie of working out in the field are perks as well.

Working with AC&PPC has been a game-changer in my career. Thanks to the mentorship program and Shareholder Enrichment, I have found myself on a fast track to success and mastering my craft. I am honored to work with a great group of people – learning, laughing, and contributing to the success of AC&PPC and our Corporation really makes coming to work the highlight of my day.