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Ahtna Kanas Spring 2023

Voting: A Key Responsibility of Ahtna Shareholders

One of the main responsibilities of being an Ahtna shareholder is to vote in director elections and on other matters presented for a shareholder vote. Voting in elections ensures that your voice is heard.

Shareholders who own voting shares are responsible for ensuring the long-term strength of Ahtna by electing Board of Directors. In addition to providing guidance and leadership, the Board establishes policies for achieving Ahtna’s strategic goals.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is a way for a shareholder to vote at the Annual Meeting even if the shareholder cannot attend the meeting in person. A shareholder may give his or her proxy to another voting shareholder or to the Ahtna Election Committee. The proxy authorizes the proxyholder to represent and vote the shareholder’s shares. The proxy may direct how the proxyholder is to vote, or it may allow the proxyholder to choose how to vote.

To be valid, proxies must be received by the specified deadline. Proxies may be submitted online using the e-voting website or sent to the Annual Meeting inspector of elections by email, fax or mail. For more information, please refer to the Proxy Statement in your Annual Meeting packet

What is a quorum?

A “quorum” is the minimum number of shares that must be present or represented at a shareholder meeting in order to conduct elections and other business. Currently for Ahtna, at least 33.33 percent (one-third) of eligible voting shares must be present in person or by proxy to hold the Annual Meeting of shareholders.

How else can I stay involved?

Every shareholder can be a catalyst for change. In addition to submitting a proxy or attending the Annual Meeting to vote, shareholders can stay involved with the Corporation by spreading the word when Annual Meeting materials are received, keeping a valid mailing address on file with the Ahtna Shareholder Records Department, reading shareholder news, and attending nearby shareholder events.