Commercial Firewood Moratorium

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Recently members of the Ahtna Successor Village Organizations voted to place a moratorium on all Commercial Firewood harvesting on former Ahtna Village Corporation lands. Shareholder Personal Use Firewood is still allowed under the following pre-approved conditions. Shareholders who harvest Personal Use firewood from former Village Corporation land are required to be an original Village Corporation… Read more »

Historic Announcement Requires Inclusion of Tribes in Management of Lands and Resources

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  Glennallen, Alaska – U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Jewell made a historic announcement at her presentation at the 50th Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) Conference on Friday, October 21, 2016, at the Carlson Center in Fairbanks, Alaska. She announced the release of Secretarial Order No. 3342 requiring the Interior Department’s agencies to, where… Read more »

Ahtna Spuds Exploration Well on the Tolsona Prospect

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Glennallen, Alaska – Tolsona Oil & Gas Exploration LLC, an Ahtna, Inc. subsidiary, is pleased to announce it has commenced drilling of exploration well Tolsona No. 1. The well is located just north of Milepost 175 of the Glenn Highway and about 11.5 miles west of Glennallen, Alaska. The main drill bit began drilling today… Read more »

Alaska Business Monthly Article: Michelle Anderson and Ahtna Focusing in On Alaska

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The September issue of Alaska Business Monthly features Ahtna President Michelle Anderson as its cover star!  The Alaska Native Business issue’s feature article talks about how Ahtna is focusing in on Alaska and creating opportunities for our shareholders.  Ahtna’s business in Alaska was up 40 percent in 2015, and continuing to grow significantly in 2016,… Read more »

Carefully Coordinated Effort – Tolsona Gas Prospect Mobilizes and Prepares for Drilling

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Anchorage, Alaska – In a carefully coordinated effort led by Ahtna, Incorporated, a new, approximately 4-acre gravel pad is ready and patiently awaiting arrival of a much-anticipated piece of equipment. The project would not be possible without the support of many, including Senators Click Bishop and Mike Dunleavy, and State House Representatives Jim Colver and… Read more »

Ahtna Acquires AAA Valley Gravel

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Ahtna, Incorporated is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of AAA Valley Gravel, LLC, a sand and gravel mining, trucking, and asphalt operation strategically located to support transportation projects in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. The full press release can be viewed here: AHTNA_PR_2016_AAAValleyGravelAcquisition