Birch bark texture.


Commercial Firewood Moratorium

Recently members of the Ahtna Successor Village Organizations voted to place a moratorium on all Commercial Firewood harvesting on former Ahtna Village Corporation lands.

Shareholder Personal Use Firewood is still allowed under the following pre-approved conditions.

Shareholders who harvest Personal Use firewood from former Village Corporation land are required to be an original Village Corporation Shareholder or a direct descendant of that Village Corporation. If a Shareholder does not own original Village Corporation shares, that Shareholder must receive approval from the impacted SVO and Land Committee. Personal Use firewood harvesters must receive a Free Use Permit from the Land Department, and be present at the time of harvesting and transporting. Chitina Native Corporation and Ahtna At-Large Shareholders are only allowed to harvest Personal Use firewood on Ahtna Regional Corporation land.

For further information or questions please contact the Ahtna Lands Department. Tsin’aen – thank you.