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Ahtna Kanas Spring 2023

Ahtna’s Career PATH Program Helps to Advance Shareholder Careers

Ahtna’s Career Participation-Accountability-Training-Hope (PATH) Program is designed to provide shareholders with the opportunity to work in different departments and companies within the Ahtna family of companies. This allows shareholders to discover their strengths and passions that will lead to advancing in their career path within Ahtna.

The Ahtna Career PATH Program’s participant goals include the following:

  1. Understand the history, mission, values, and vision of the Corporation and how these components influence the Corporation’s business directions.
  2. Possess workplace skills that will enable Ahtna shareholders to excel in an office environment.
  3. Efficiently work within Ahtna and its family of companies.
  4. Begin a career path where their strengths and passion guide them.
  5. Successfully complete the program and obtain full-time employment.

What is the PATH program?

Ahtna’s Career PATH participants support departments while learning new skills and gaining experience. This exposure and mentorship helps shareholders determine a career plan within the Ahtna family of companies. In 2021 and 2022, Ahtna had 17 shareholders participate in the program. Three have moved on to other opportunities, three are focusing on college, three are ready to deploy, four are working on special projects for Ahtna, and four were recently promoted to full-time positions within Ahtna.

“The Ahtna Career PATH Program gives you access to a wealth of opportunities and a means of developing the skills you need to succeed. It’s an excellent curriculum for career learning and development. Without the program, I wouldn’t be where I am in my career now.”

Destiny Eskilida, Procurement Tech III, AIT

We want to introduce you to three current program participants who are being deployed to various Ahtna departments for special assignments based on their interests and skill sets.

Shannon Savage, Receptionist, AI

Shannon Savage started her career with Ahtna as a janitor before being promoted to receptionist. She recently completed a Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Recertification process which she says was a huge learning experience. She is Tlingit-Raven through her mother, Dorothy Savage, and grandmother, Lori Dummler. Shannon’s six years of professional work experience falls under customer support and services – she has previously worked in retail, as a photo technician, and as a lead housekeeper. Shannon is excited to now be working part-time in a new assignment under the Risk Management Department through the Career PATH Program. “I see great opportunities working with Ahtna, Incorporated as a shareholder and Alaska Native. I envisioned the start of a new career, growth, and development.”

Shannon is happy to be able to work alongside some of her family members, including her sister and idol Tamera Ginn who works in health and safety. She appreciates the “safety and security in the work environment” within the Ahtna family of companies. Shannon is raising two children and enjoys attending her daughter’s afterschool extracurricular activities, biking, camping, hiking, and going to the movies.

“The Ahtna Career PATH Program has greatly expanded my resume and experience working as the front desk receptionist. I am eagerly learning the daily values of admin assistant training and duties, as well as the expectations of a professional Ahtna employee. I am shareholder-driven and excited to continue on my path in this career as I continue to thrive and learn.”

Rodante Deano, Administrative Assistant, AI

Rodante Deano is currently an administrative assistant at Ahtna’s Anchorage office and is working on his first special assignment with the Human Resources department. His mother is Joyce Munar (Barlip) and his grandmother is the late Marion Olinghouse (Neeley). The majority of Rodante’s 13 years of professional work experience revolves around warehousing and logistics, but he also has 3 years of retail experience. His responsibilities at Ahtna include handling incoming calls, managing meeting rooms to avoid time conflicts, maintaining and stocking the coffee stations and production rooms throughout the building, and sorting and distributing mail.

Rodante has a son and enjoys assembling and painting models, working on his car, and collecting/caring for some exotic pets that include a variety of tarantulas, jumping spiders, scorpions, cockroaches, beetles, a millipede and one ball python! He likes keeping less popular animals as pets because he would like to dispel and clear up misinformation and stigma surrounding these beautiful and unique animals.

“The Career PATH Program has been a turning point in my life that has given me the opportunity to decide what sort of career path I want to take. I could only go so far as a warehouse worker, whereas entering this program has taught me skills that I can grow with in a multitude of fields within the Corporation. Those future opportunities will help me secure a steady, comfortable life for my family and me.” – Rodante Deano

Modawn LaFromboise, Front Desk, AI

Modawn LaFromboise’s four years of customer service experience helped to prepare her for her work at the Anchorage office’s front desk. She answers phones, handles outgoing and incoming mail, and helps visitors in the lobby. She recently had the opportunity to work with the Accounts Payable department and learn about their day-to-day operations. Modawn is Naltsiine (Sky) Clan and her mother is Shanna Pete. Her grandmother is Betty (Elizabeth) LaFromboise, and her great-grandmother is the late Virginia Pete. She enjoys drawing, fixing and making things, and baking/cooking.

“I have enjoyed the many new doors that have been opened to begin to figure out a career path. It’s allowed me to broaden my horizons on a new outlook on life and endless opportunities for growth.” – Modawn LaFromboise

Ahtna aims to expose program participants to as many areas of the company as possible. For example, Modawn and Rodante had the opportunity to learn about communications by working at Ahtna’s booth during the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention.

Learn More

Shareholders are encouraged to contact Shareholder Employee Career PATH Supervisor Ve’dra Bechtol at (907) 868-8204 or to learn more. The program is a wonderful introduction to the Ahtna family of companies and can lead to many different career path opportunities.

“This program has directly helped me with the transition from the United States Marine Corps to a civilian. At first I was struggling getting back into civilian life, but then Ahtna helped me obtain a great job with amazing people. I am forever grateful to Ahtna.”

Romeo Prince, Administrative Assistant, AI

“This program has given me experience and skills and the opportunity to advance within the company. Before I started, I was a certified nurse assistant and medical skills are all I had. I appreciate the opportunity Ahtna has given me to further my knowledge and training, and the program has been a great experience.”

Jennifer Mack, Receptionist, AI