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Ahtna Kanas Spring 2023

Grateful for the Opportunity To Lead

Greetings shareholders,

I wanted to begin my first letter as CEO by taking a moment to thank the Ahtna Netiye’ Executive Committee for allowing me the opportunity to lead our company. I am so grateful to have been promoted to CEO of Ahtna Netiye’. I am thankful for all the support I’ve received, and I look forward to the excitement and challenges that lie ahead.

Ahtna Diversified Holdings’ Alaskan employees attended the 2023 Safety Day at
the Alaska Native Heritage Center on February 10.
Ahtna Diversified Holdings’ Alaskan employees attended the 2023 Safety Day at the Alaska Native Heritage Center on February 10.

Like many of you, I’ve been looking forward to spring and a change in season that brings an end to the snow and cold weather. Typically, this is the time of year when we can catch our breath from all of the year-end activities and prepare ourselves for the upcoming work year. This year has been the exception, as we have seen new projects ramp up, old contracts close out, and feverish bidding activity by our subsidiaries. Along with this activity, our subsidiaries have conducted their annual preparedness training for their employees who will be working in the construction fields this year.

Our annual audit for 2022 has also just concluded and, despite the current difficulties of the worldwide economy, the Ahtna family of companies’ earnings have remained positive for the tenth year in a row. Our focus for the upcoming period is to address the challenges faced by our subsidiaries in 2022 while ensuring that the valuable lessons learned are not overlooked. The current business landscape has been further complicated by inflation, which has had a significant impact on sectors such as lumber, along with persistent supply chain and labor shortages.

To tackle these difficulties, we are intensifying our efforts to enhance our fixed assets, explore possible acquisitions, evaluate opportunities for subcontract work, identify new business lines for diversification, and establish an organizational structure to bolster the continued growth of our subsidiaries. Despite the challenges, our backlog remains robust, and we are eagerly anticipating the award announcements for our outstanding proposals.

Ahtna Netiye’ CEO Roy Tansy Jr. attends the 2022 Annual Meeting in Glennallen, AK.

We have established a Hurricane Response and Recovery group that meets weekly to discuss and track potential opportunities for the damage caused by natural disasters. Hurricanes Ian and Fiona and Typhoon Merbok caused enormous damage and hardships in Alaska, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Our hearts go out to our clients, families, and employees who continue to struggle and come to grips with the devastation caused by these storms. We are coordinating our efforts with all the subsidiaries to track outreach to key teaming partners, federal clients, and local government entities.

As shareholders, we have a very important responsibility and right to vote in our elections. I urge you to participate by submitting your proxy and joining us at Ahtna’s 50th Annual Shareholders Meeting on June 3rd. The Annual Meeting and communications such as this newsletter provide an excellent opportunity for you to stay informed about our company’s news and operations. Moreover, we value your feedback and would love to hear from you! Please see the comment card included in your proxy packet for instructions on how to submit your questions and comments to Ahtna’s leadership team.

Thank you,

Roy Tansy Jr., Chief Executive Officer
Ahtna Netiye’, LLC