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Ahtna Kanas Winter 2024

Some New Additions to the Ahtna Land Department

Jeannette Tyone (Tribal Liaison, AI)

Jeannette Tyone, an Ahtna shareholder, has been hired as Tribal Liaison with Ahtna, Inc. Based out of the Glennallen office, Jeannette will facilitate project logistics, coordinate interviews, provide input on traditional knowledge and protocols, and manage updates and communications between tribal members and participating organizations. Jeannette has worked with Ahtna, Inc. for many years. She belongs to the Udzisyu (caribou) Clan. Her mother is Linda Pete, and her father is the late James Segerquist and the late Carl Pete. Her maternal grandparents are the late Nicholas and Betty Tyone, and her paternal grandparents are the late Bobby and Walaya Joe. She enjoys beading and spending time with her son James Segerquist II and grandson Luca Frank Katchatag.

Tayler Marshall (Permit and Communication Specialist, AI)

Tayler Marshall joined the Ahtna Land Department as a Permit and Communication Specialist, working out of the Glennallen Headquarters. She will be helping to manage and facilitate the permitting and communication process within the Land and Resources Department, helping to ensure that those using Ahtna land are doing so properly. Tayler graduated from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science in strategic communication and a minor in political science. She came to Ahtna from Alaska Gear Company, where she worked as their Director of Sales. Tayler enjoys spending time outside trail running with her dogs and snowshoeing in the winter.

Jake Hansen (Natural Resource Technician, AI)

Ahtna, Inc. welcomes Jake Hansen, Brownfields Program Coordinator. Based out of Glennallen in Ahtna’s Land and Resources Department, Jake will be tasked with the identification and assessment of contaminated sites on Ahtna Lands. He is looking forward to the community outreach involved with site identification. Jake holds a Bachelor of Arts in history, secondary education with a minor in math, secondary education from Boise State University. Besides teaching history and math within the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Jake also worked as a mountain guide for the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. He enjoys the outdoors and holds certification as a Wilderness First Responder.

Rachel Tom (Forester, AI)

Rachel Tom has joined the Ahtna Land Department as a Forester, working out of the Glennallen Headquarters. She is a recent forestry graduate from Salish Kootenai College in Pablo, MT with a Bachelor of Science in forestry: forest management. Previously, Rachel has dedicated her skills to the Bureau of Indian Affairs Forestry and Fire division, serving as a forest technician and wildland firefighter since 2014. She will be responsible for working on the Forest Carbon Sequestration project, wildlife habitat improvements, fuel breaks, forest stewardship updates, and fire plan updates. Rachel is currently in the process of obtaining professional certifications, including Certified Forester, and working towards becoming a Natural Resources Conservation Service Certified Technical Service Provider.

She decided to work in Alaska after having embarked on a captivating summer internship here, engaging in a continuous forest inventory along the Yukon River. Rachel found herself enamored with the breathtaking expanses of this magnificent state. Desiring to return and work in Alaska, she explored various opportunities and found the perfect opportunity with Ahtna. Recognizing the importance of staying within the realm of Native communities, she was grateful to discover Ahtna and eagerly applied.

Rachel finds joy in a diverse range of hobbies, including reading, beading, cross-stitching, painting, sewing, hiking, silversmithing, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Rachel would like to introduce herself in Diné (Navajo):

“Yá’átééh, shi ‘éi Ałchinibah yinishyé…Kinyaa’áanii nishłį́, Táchii’ni báshíshchíín, Tódíchʼíiʼnii da shí chei, Tábąąhá da shí nalí… Dinétah dę́ę́ naashá. Nihikéya tsiyi’ yaa’ahalyani nishłi.”

[Greetings, my name is Rachel Tom, my Navajo name is ‘confronting the enemy’. I am Towering House clan, born for Red Running Into The Water clan, my maternal grandfather clan is Bitter Water, and my paternal grandfather clan is Edge Water. I am from the ‘land of the people’ Navajo land in Arizona. I am here to assist and care for your forest, as the new forester at Ahtna.]