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Ahtna Kanas Winter 2024

Shareholder Employee Spotlight: Austin Anderson

In the dynamic world of business, risk management plays a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability and success of any enterprise. Ahtna shareholder Austin Anderson is a key figure on Ahtna’s risk management team. In his role as Risk Manager, Austin interfaces with Ahtna’s various departments and subsidiaries, resolving issues related to risk. The position also interfaces with our brokerage, insurance companies, medical providers and vendors instrumental to supporting the Risk Management function. Together with his supervisor, Ed Tisdel, he conducts training sessions and site visits, ensuring that risk mitigation is seamlessly integrated into Ahtna’s operations.

Austin’s journey within Ahtna began as an intern, underscoring the company’s commitment to cultivating talent internally. Exposure to diverse projects, spanning from Anchorage to Talkeetna and the Trans Alaska Pipeline System, kindled Austin’s passion for the multifaceted opportunities within Ahtna. He is currently on a two-plus-year Shareholder Professional Development Plan to be followed by a second two-year plan, with a goal of meeting Ahtna’s changing needs over time. Austin’s trajectory is a testament not only to his personal growth, but also to Ahtna’s dedication to nurturing talent within its shareholder community.

The Shareholder Professional Development Plan meticulously crafted for Austin serves as a roadmap, providing him with the essential tools and knowledge to emerge as a leader within Ahtna. This plan specifically centers on supporting internal and external clients, offering guidance on risk-related matters, and positioning him as a valuable internal resource for all employees in efficiently mitigating risks.

As part of his development plan, Austin pursued crucial educational training in the field of risk management. His diligence and commitment during the first year resulted in the attainment of the prestigious Associate of Risk Management (ARM) credential. This intensive nine-month, three-course program delved into advanced risk management techniques and strategies, addressing both existing and emerging risks in our ever-evolving world.

A pivotal moment in Austin’s journey was his presentation to the Ahtna Netiye’ Executive Committee, where he showcased his progress and outlined his vision. His primary focus lies in enhancing the current operational risk management processes and developing elements of an enterprise risk management strategy.

Austin’s daily enthusiasm for his work at Ahtna is fueled by the dynamic challenges arising from the company’s global operations. The diverse nature of the work and the continual exposure to new facets of risk management keep his role dynamic and fulfilling. As a shareholder, Austin is not merely an employee; he is a vested participant in Ahtna’s success.

Looking ahead, Austin’s long-term aspiration is to ascend to the role of CEO of a corporation. He firmly believes that his foundation in risk management serves as a crucial stepping stone towards realizing this ambition. Ahtna’s investment in Austin, both as an individual and as a shareholder, exemplifies the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering leadership within its community. As Austin continues to climb the ranks in his career, he not only contributes to the success of Ahtna but also becomes an inspiring figure for future generations in the Ahtna family.

Austin is a member of the Udzisyu (caribou) clan. His father is Patrick Anderson, and his mother is Michelle Anderson. Austin’s grandparents are Clifford Anderson and Patricia Mallott on his father’s side, and Larry Nutter and the late Louise “Ewan” Nutter on his mother’s side.