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Ahtna Kanas Spring 2022

Walter Charley Memorial Scholarship Program Funds Over $1 million in Scholarships

Since taking over administration of the Walter Charley Memorial Scholarship Program in 2019, Ahtna has contributed over $1 million for the education of our shareholders.

Don’t forget to apply: June 15-July 15

Walter Charley Memorial Scholarship Program

The Walter Charley Memorial Scholarship program assists Ahtna shareholders with meeting their educational goals by funding full and part-time students.

Applications will be accepted online for the Fall 2021 semester from June 15-July 15 at:

Supplemental documents will be due by August 5.

Check the website for the latest information. Any questions can be directed to Tracy Parent, Shareholder Advocate, at (907) 868-8250 or

Scholarship Award per Application Period:*

Up to $2,000Up to $4,000Up to $3,000Up to $6,000
*All awards are subject to available funding and the number of eligible applicants at each deadline.