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Ahtna Kanas Winter 2024

Working to Reduce Trespass

The primary goal of the Land and Resources Department is to protect and responsibly develop land and resources for the benefit of Ahtna shareholders. Protection of Ahtna’s lands and resources is done in partnership with state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The Brenwick-Craig Road, known locally as Klutina Road, runs from the Old Richardson Highway in Copper Center for 25 miles along a non-serviced road to a glacial lake that feeds the mighty Klutina River. The trail is a bit bumpy, but a favorite spot for recreationists of all kinds. The trail follows the Klutina River, a class 3 whitewater tributary of the Copper River. A steep river gradient and the Chugach Mountains make for epic views and memorable experiences. You will find ATVs, fishermen, rafters, snowmachines, and more if you take a stroll along this road. The road is currently an easement managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and completely surrounded by private Ahtna lands. The Land and Resources team can be found monitoring this area year-round to make sure recreationists are using the easement appropriately and sustainably.

The team recently spent a day out on patrol and hanging signage to educate the public on land use policies in the area. The team plans to continue this work to ensure Ahtna lands are protected and maintained. We ask that if you are out and encounter recreationist trespassing, report it to the Land and Resource Department. Please reach out with any questions or report incidents on Ahtna lands using the contact information that follows.

Phone: (907) 822-8128
Report incidents online: