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Ahtna Kanas Winter 2024

Ahtna Awarded Community Wide Assessment Grant

Ahtna, Inc. has been awarded a $2 million Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfield Grant in December 2023 to assess brownfields on Ahtna land. This funding will be instrumental in identifying and assessing sites contaminated prior to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). The project will focus on land returned to Ahtna through ANCSA that has a probability of being contaminated by previous uses.

The Ahtna Land and Resource Department will be managing the Brownfield project over a five-year period that includes several phases. Community outreach is phase one and will be a major focus throughout the entire project. Phases two and three will include environmental site assessments. The fourth and final phase will be to create a cleanup, reuse and revitalization plan for the sites.

“This funding is an important step forward in improving the environment across Alaska, including many areas that were contaminated by past government and commercial activity. Alaskans should be able to enjoy the full beauty of our lands, and these projects will help to identify sources of contamination, engage local communities, and prepare and execute cleanup plans,” remarked Congresswoman Mary Peltola.

Community outreach is starting immediately. Ahtna Land Manager Bruce Cain presented the grant plan to Kluti-Kaah Village Council at their December 5, 2023, meeting.

The project is also communicating through regional resources such as the Copper River Native Association (CRNA) regional environmental meetings. To get involved, shareholders can reach out to their Successor Village Organization (SVO), the Ahtna Land and Resource Department, or attend the next planning meeting near you.

The Brownfield project will be positive and impactful to Ahtna Lands. The Land and Resources team is looking forward to working on this project and serving as sustainable stewards of Ahtna lands to honor our Elders and plan for the future generations of shareholders.